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WhatsApp Plus
App Name WhatsApp Plus
App Version V17.55
Update date 11 Jan 2022
App Publisher App Development Team
App Requirement Android 5.0 and above
App Category Plus WhatsApp
File size 65MB
3.9 Rating (7797)

WhatsApp Plus is an instant messaging application that was developed based on the original version of WhatsApp, and it was followed by a group of modified versions, but it is WhatsApp Plus that has gained wide popularity in the Arab world. In this topic, we will show you the most important features of WhatsApp Plus and offer you a comparison between it and the original WhatsApp, and we will also show you how to download and install WhatsApp Plus on the phone.

WhatsApp Plus Apk

WhatsApp Plus. Also, this version is similar to any other version of WhatsApp applications, especially the green version of WhatsApp, but the difference is that this version contains a very large number of features and characteristics that are not available on other applications, so through the additional features, the user enjoys a greater amount of privacy while using the application. Also, the WhatsApp Plus experience of use is different from some other traditional applications, as well as the application with all these advantages is available to users for free and is completely free of any kind of ads, but since WhatsApp Plus is unofficial, the user may face some problems in the stability of the application, and the application as well It is available in three versions, all of which you will get to know in the following lines.

Download WhatsApp Plus

Download WhatsApp Plus

About the WhatsApp Plus application: In this topic, we will show you, dear visitor, how to download WhatsApp Plus and all the functions of the WhatsApp Plus application, and we will also show you how to switch from the regular WhatsApp to this modified version. Of course, if you want to try it.

WhatsApp Plus. It is among the instant messaging apps, with which you can send and receive photos, videos, write text messages, share media with friends, stickers, emojis, and gifs.
In order to start using and running this application, you must have a mobile device, and there is a SIM card in it, after that download and install the application on your phone and use it easily.

A brief summary of the WhatsApp Plus application against ban and hacker

WhatsApp Plus update

You can also run this application on your computer, because the WhatsApp application supports operating platforms in Android, Mac, Windows and iPhone devices, so after clicking on the download link at the bottom of our article, run it by adding your phone number. Then add your desired username, and after launching the app, it will be associated with your device on which you downloaded this app. Free text messages and calls, whether voice calls or video calls, and it also supports a wide range of devices. The number of its users increased to more than one billion users in 2017, all of this at the level of only 180 countries. All this is in addition to the great features offered by this application that enjoys We will mention it in the article.

Advantages of downloading WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus Perhaps the most prominent feature of this version is what is related to privacy, as it allows the user to hide a lot of things from friends, such as hiding appearances in WhatsApp, hiding that you have seen the status, and hiding what you are writing. A message or recording an audio clip, hiding that you have received or read the message, and many more useful additions that characterize this version of WhatsApp Plus and that we will deal with separately.

Auto Reply to Messages: Allows you to leave a private message when you receive a message from a friend and are offline or don't want to reply.
It also allows you to select when you prefer to send messages and call.

Schedule sending messages: With this function, you can choose at any time to automatically send a message to the contacts you selected, and you can also control the number of times it is sent.

Hide Conversations or Chats: This add-on allows you to hide any conversation from the chat list, and it can be easily activated by pressing and holding on any conversation you want to hide, then choosing from the top menu

WhatsApp Plus "hide". You will be prompted to create a new password to protect hidden chats. And if you want to show it again, click on the word WhatsApp in the top menu, enter the password you chose, and hidden chats will appear, then you can select any conversation by long pressing as in the first. , Then choose Unhide from the top menu.

Protect WhatsApp Plus with a password: One of the advantages of WhatsApp developed by the developer is that you can protect WhatsApp with a password, because no one can open the application without knowing the password.

What is WhatsApp Plus update

Download WhatsApp Plus

Customize the interface of WhatsApp Plus: The application provides many tools to change the appearance of WhatsApp, so that you can download a variety of available themes, wallpapers and stickers, in addition, you can change the characteristics of WhatsApp and many other related purposes. for the application to appear.

Upload a video with a status of more than 30 seconds: As it is known, the original WhatsApp does not allow you to upload a video with a status of a duration of more than 30 seconds, but with the “WhatsApp Plus” application, you can exceed this limit and upload any video, as this application divides The video is divided into several clips of 30 seconds in length, and then you can download them at once with ease. WhatsApp Plus.

Download Statuses: In the traditional version of WhatsApp, you cannot download photos or videos from your friends' statuses, but in this version you can do it easily.

Run more than one WhatsApp number: It allows you to run 2 or 3 WhatsApp accounts on a single Android device.

WhatsApp Plus update

In addition to these features that we mentioned, there are many features that the modified version of WhatsApp contains, we leave you to discover them yourself, dear visitor. It must be noted that this modified version came in several versions
So what is the difference between these versions and which version do I download and install? All of these versions are almost identical in the features and functions that they provide, and here are the simple differences between them.

Features of WhatsApp Plus latest version

There is a new function in the WhatsApp settings by which the application is closed, and this function helps to increase security.

Also one of the novelties in this version is that it allows you to play the sent audio clips without having to click the play button.

There are many user privacy settings in the application, including the ability to hide appearance and hide reading and receiving messages.

This version also prevents messages from being deleted, through the option in Privacy.

This version also works to prevent you from showing that you have seen the status, through the option that you find in privacy.

This version prevents the transfer of this message, through the option that you find in privacy.

By using this version, it is easy for you to download cases of friends on the phone and simply copy those cases.

By going into any chat and then clicking on the person's name, you will find a dedicated privacy option. Through this function, you can control the privacy of that chat.

Fixed an issue with sending the location that was present in the previous version.
One of the biggest problems that users encountered is the appearance of the update notification for this version, which has become outdated, but with WhatsApp Plus, you will not face this problem.

The fixes are not limited to just those fixes, but there are many others


    The most important updates in WhatsApp Plus, the latest version

    This version of WhatsApp Plus also allows you to download friends' statuses.

    The ability to see all messages that have been deleted from the conversation.

    New additions to this version's stickers, many Arabic stickers have been added.

    The states of this version are long, and are no longer limited to just 30 seconds.

    The issue with downloading and installing this app has been resolved in this release.

    The problem of not having enough space has been resolved in this version.

    This version provides the ability to close and hide conversations.

    It is not limited to these features, but there are many others.

      Privacy in WhatsApp Plus with a direct link:

      WhatsApp Plus interface:

      There is no difference between the interface of the WhatsApp Plus application and the interface of the official WhatsApp application. The addition in the WhatsApp Plus application is the airplane button, by clicking on it and activating it, the user will be. You will not be able to send or receive messages in the application, and if the user clicks directly on the conversations, it will constantly show the user a list of many activities.

      WhatsApp Plus chat screen:

      A large number of features and functions have also been added to the conversation screen of the WhatsApp Plus application, and these additions add a greater degree of privacy to the user, and among these additions is the ability to close conversations with a pattern or secret. number, the ability to move conversations to Google Drive, and the ability to go back to the first message in a conversation.

      Settings in WhatsApp Plus:

      This section also gives you the ability to modify the privacy of the application to suit you, as well as control the properties of the application and the ability to modify the main screen of the application, and many other things available to do through the settings.

      Text formats in WhatsApp Plus:

      The WhatsApp Gold application allows you to choose the shapes of texts and words, adding some signs to the sentence to make the text appear differently, such as showing the text in a diagonal, bold, or in the middle of the line. And the use of certain signs before the text.

      WhatsApp Plus lock:

      Among the security settings in the WhatsApp Plus program, and through this option, the user can close the application, so that others cannot open the application. To activate the option to block WhatsApp, go to More settings, then tap on option number 7, which is lock, enable lock, and set a password.

      How to switch from traditional WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus
      If you decide to transfer your account to WhatsApp Plus, there are a few things to keep in mind so that you don't lose information about your old account.

      This process requires creating a backup of the conversations in the original WhatsApp, by going to WhatsApp Settings, then choosing “Chats”, then clicking on “Chat Backup”.

      The second step is to rename the WhatsApp file, for this purpose open the “My Files” folder, then choose “Internal Storage”, and search for a file called “WhatsApp”, long press on it, then choose from the top menu - in the form of three dots - “Rename” , and replace the word Whatsapp with "WhatsApp2Plus", then press rename.

      After doing these steps, you can install WhatsApp Plus, and you will find all your previous chats or conversations in WhatsApp Plus.

      WhatsApp Plus

      The extension options and functionality have also been improved so that the format is user friendly.

      The size of this version has also been reduced to 55MB.

      If someone mentions you in the groups or you reply in a group, you will see the mention option in the main interface of the app.

      The speed and performance of this version are also improved.

      Ability to remove the floating button icon from conversations.

      The option to hide quick chats has also been improved, to enable it tap Add-ons, then Properties, then Conversation screen.

      Also, some changes have been made to the button to download and view statuses and improvements.

      In this version, the problem of downloading average photos and videos has been resolved.

      In this version the problem of blurred caller image in statuses has been resolved.

        Download WhatsApp Plus for Android

        In this version, the user can type more than 700 words.

        In this release, it has been resolved that images near media bubbles are not visible in collections.

        Fixed an issue where the Airplane Mode and Day/Night mode button would appear on the Collections page.

        In this version, the problem of the bottom navigation bar and the Arabic language interface has been resolved.

        Some updates have been added to the translations.

        The user can translate texts through the option on the conversation screen.

        These are not all updates in the application, but we will allow you to discover the rest of the features by downloading WhatsApp Plus with a direct link.

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